Twin Creeks Villas

Mowing and maintenance of the common property and front yards of Twin Creeks Villas is under contract with Landmark Services. The purpose of this committee is to communicate any needs including negotiating the annual contract for board approval. Other duties include oversight of maintenance, including watering schedule, trimming, mulching and seasonal plantings. Any concerns regarding Landmark services should be directed to the committee chairman. Homeowners flower beds and back yard maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner.
Lawn America also provides seven applications of fertilizer/weed control to the front and back yards. Before application, Lawn America makes a “robo” call to each residence to advise of the upcoming application with instructions.

Lawn America will remove snow when needed with the accumulation of 4 to 6” as a guideline.
Lawn America has requested that individual homeowners contact them directly for any issues or concerns: 918-770-4397
Report Any Concerns or Suggestions