JANUARY 15, 2018, 6:00 P.M.



2017 TCV BoD President Kevin Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Jim Colgan.  Members present were Kevin Johnson, Jim Colgan, Jan Rusher, Marilyn Miller, J.B. Barrett, Carolyn Fuchs, also outgoing Board member David Miller.  He then called for nominations of officers and election thereof.


President:  Jim Colgan was nominated by Jan Rusher, seconded by Marilyn Miller.

Vice-President - Jan Rusher was nominated by Carolyn Fuchs, seconded by J.B. Barrett.

Treasurer:  J.B. Barrett was nominated by Jan Rusher, seconded by Marilyn Miller.

Secretary - Carolyn Fuchs was nominated by Marilyn Miller, seconded by Kevin Johnson.

All nominations received unanimous approval and confirmed elected.


(Gavel passed to 2018 President Jim Colgan)



ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE - Kevin Johnson, Chair; Marilyn Miller.

LANDMARK/LAWNAMERICA:  Kevin Johnson, Jan Rusher.

SEASONAL DECORATIONS/ENTRY - Marilyn Miller, Chair, Carolyn Fuchs, Linda Pat Colgan.

                Sprinklers - Will no longer use Landmark.  Ron Wadley, chair, Dave Demuth, will contact Aquarius Sprinklers when necessary. 

                Seasonal - Will no longer use Landmark - Chairman Marilyn Miller and her committee will plan these decorations and contact Marcelo to have them planted.

FENCE COMMITTEE - David Miller, Chair; David Neely, Kevin Johnson.

GATE -- Michael Bennett, Mark Davis, Kevin Johnson (Operation, maintenance/repair)

WEBSITE - Michael Bennett, Mark Davis

STREETS, CURBS & GUTTERS - Kevin Johnson, Chair, Dave Demuth

WELCOMING/SOCIAL COMMITTEE - Carolyn Fuchs, Chair, Georgia Rush, Marilyn Miller, Cindy McCann

NOMINATING COMMITTEE - Will be appointed by President at appropriate time.

ANNUAL REVIEW OF BY-LAWS - Chaired by Vice-President, Jan Rusher , Jim Colgan, Marilyn Miller.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: - President Colgan asked Treasurer J.B. Barrett to  chair a committee to explore the estimated remaining life of our assets, i.e., streets, fences, etc..  Chairpersons of the committees overseeing said assets will estimate their condition and remaining life and report to Treasurer Barrett and President Colgan for the purpose of developing the assumptions for the 2019 budget.  He also requested all committee chairs to obtain consent of their proposed members to serve and to act as soon as possible to get those committees up and running.


1.  President Colgan will call four Board meetings per year:  January, April, July and early December.

2. Petty Cash will be turned over to Jim Colgan by David Miller, and $100.00 will be kept for all disbursements under that amount

3.  Written requests from TCV HOA residents will be acknowledged with a letter or email recognizing receipt of those requests and stating that they will be informed of any decision/action required.

4.  Marilyn Miller and the Seasonal Decorations Committee will make recommendations for a plan to beautify the entry and the area along Mingo with trees and shrubbery. 

5.  Treasurer Barrett asked for clarification of authorized check signing practices.  It was determined that checks over $500.00 in amount would require two signatures. A motion was made by Jan Rusher,  seconded by Marilyn Miller, to begin banking at MidFirst Bank  on Memorial.  It is convenient and Michael Bennett, the manager of that location, also lives in the neighborhood. MOTION PASSED.  Authorized signers will be J.B. Barrett,  Jim Colgan, and Kevin Johnson. 

6. Kevin Johnson will obtain an estimate from a trapping service to trap and remove gophers and moles that are infesting areas of the neighborhood.

ADJOURN - Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Carolyn Fuchs, Secretary to the TCV HOA BoD