January 13, 2014

Hardesty Library, Maple Room, Tulsa, OK

CALL TO ORDER - President, Kevin Johnson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

        Twenty five individuals, representing 18 residences were in attendance.

MINUTES - Keith Janne moved, Sarah Johnson seconded the motion to approve the January 15, 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Bill Rush, Treasurer, handed out P & L - Budget vs. Actual, January through December 2013; P & L Budget Overview, January through December 2013; Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2013.  Documents attached.

 Bill also reported no change in HOA Dues for 2014:  $850 HOA dues plus $100 for those 33 residences who participate in the Lawn America weed control/fertilization.  He also reported that the $6,000 excess from 2013 had been moved to the Reserve Fund accounts 1) $5,000 to fence and $1,000 to street accounts.  


Nominating Committee, Jim Colgan, Chairman presented the slate of officers for 2014:

Kevin Johnson, Ed Heffern, Bill Rush, Michael Bennett, David Miller, Mark Davis, Larry Johnson, Jim Colgan, Jan Rusher.  With no nominations from the floor, Bill Gagle moved, Keith Janne seconded the motion to approve the slate.  Motion Passed.

Kevin Johnson reported briefly on each of the committees work during 2013:

        Fence - minor repairs have been made to the permiter noting that eventual replacement of the fence will be needed.  Individual fences are homeowner’s responsibility.  

        Streets & curb - crack and seal repair was made as preventive maintenance to the streets at the cost of $950.

        Landmark mowing -  2014 rates remain same as 2013 for front yards and common property.  Individual homeowners are responsible for their own back yards.

        Lawn America - seven applications will be applied for weed and fertilizer in front and back yards for all 33 homes participating.  If there are individual concerns, contact Lawn America.   Also noted is our arrangement with Lawn America to do snow removal if it becomes necessary - 4 to 6” snowfall rule-of-thumb.

        Gate/electrical - the gate is under watchful consideration.  Michael Bennett asked that if anyone needs the gate open for party or function to please request and either he or Mark Davis can set the timer to open and close the gate at requested times.  Please DO NOT place a towel or anything else over the sensor to keep the gate open.

        Watering system - timing device has been moved to the common property at the entrance.

        Christmas decorations - the board recently voted unanimously to use the services of Pro Lights for $240 to take down, store and put up entrance Christmas lights.  Michael Bennett and others who have done that job in recent years were thanked for their work and service.

        Restrictive Covenants - other items

                1)  Kevin reminded residents to keep weeds in flower beds under control.

                2)  Before replacing roofs, check with board for the exact shingle called for in the caveat added to the covenants - all roofs to be uniform.

                3) Reminder if residents plan any exterior alterations visible  from the street or potentially affect neighbor’s home in any way must be approved by the Architectural Committee.  Please present written plans for approval.  This would include drainage issues as well as plantings.

        Trash Removal - both Controlled Waste and Kannady were bought out by American Waste.  Kevin reminded residents to bag trash and use containers.



        A question was asked regarding a neighborhood garage sale.  It was discussed and agreed to coordinate a garage sale with our neighboring Twin Creeks III neighborhood.  TCV residents will be notified by email of that date.


        Kevin announced that board meetings are open to all residents, although please let the board know in advance and if there are any items you wish to have added to the agenda.  A request was made to notify residents of board meeting dates.  Email will be sent.

ADJOURN - Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Rusher

Secretary for the Board