Board of Directors Meting

April 11, 2016

CALL TO ORDER – Vice President, Jim Colgan, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at the Colgan home.

                Members present:  Jim Colgan, Bill Rush, Holly Minter, Larry Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Gil Nickles, Jan Rusher.  Members absent:  David Miller, Ron Wadley.  Homeowner in attendance, Carolyn Fuchs.

MINUTES – Bill Rush moved, Holly Minter seconded motion to approve the minutes of the February 8, 2016 TCV BoD Meeting.  MOTION PASSED

TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer, Bill Rush, presented the attached documents:  TCV HOA Balance Sheet as of 3/31/16; P & L YTD Comparison, 3/16; P & L Budget vs Actual, January through March, 2016.  Bill Rush moved, Gil Nickles seconded motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report. MOTION PASSED.

  Also noted:  the 2015 TCV HOA tax forms have been filed by an outside tax accountant.


                Architectural – Ron Wadley, chairman absent.  Jim Colgan reported on the approval of several minor architectural requests involving landscaping.  Jerry & Jerri Messner submitted request for CB radio antenna in their back yard.   Several members, having observed said antenna, agreed with committee that the antenna poses no visual obstruction or eyesore, barely noticeable.  The board is in agreement with approval by the committee.

                Request presented by Jan Rusher on behalf of committee chairman, Ron Wadley, all architectural request forms be kept on file by the secretary upon completion of decision by the Architectural Committee.

                Discussions on other landscaping projects was referred to the architectural committee for further discussion and recommendations. 

                Landmark, Lawn America, streets/curbs/gutters/common property – Kevin Johnson, Chairman reported on several items:  Landmark, spring planting – budget is $800.  They recommend Joseph Coat, bronze leaf begonias.  Also recommended by Landmark is new mulch which has not been done in several years.  Mulch will hold moisture in plantings.  Jan Rusher moved, Holly Minter seconded motion to approve $250 expenditure to mulch the common areas at the entrance.  MOTION PASSED. 

Kevin also reported that Landmark may change our mow date to Thursday afternoon due to work schedule change.   Homeowners will be advised via email when that decision is final.

Kevin reported having contacted Brashears Seal Coating regarding street cracks.  They will be out to re-evaluate and make recommendations soon.

                Fence – Gil Nickles reported problems with the pedestrian gate.  He and Jim Colgan will have report of repair needed and recommendations upon further research.  They will report back to the board at next meeting.

                Gate – Holly Minter, Chairman, reported a few transitional problems with gate open requests.  Those problems will be ironed out, asking for patience during this transitional period.  

                Website – Michael Bennett, no report.

                Welcoming Committee – Jan Rusher, no report.

                Seasonal Holiday Decorations – Jim Colgan, no report.

OLD BUSINESS – Jan Rusher referred to research on 55+ Community advantages.  Oklahoma tax laws do not allow tax advantages on these communities.  Report is attached to minutes.



ADJOURN – Larry Johnson moved, Gil Nickles seconded motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:50 p.m.  MOTION PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,


Janice Rusher, Secretary

For the TCV HOA BoD