Twin Creeks Villas

Architectural Committee

Approval Request

Date:  ______________






Start Date:_____________      Estimated Completion Date:__________


Approval is requested of the Architectural Committee regarding the project described below and supplemented with attachments such as sketches, color samples, roof specifications, etc. sufficient to apprise the Committee of what is intended by the homeowner as improvements or repairs on the subject property.


I/We accept responsibility for ensuring the project is in compliance with applicable building codes, as well as, the Twin Creeks Villas Restrictive Covenants.


No alterations/improvements may be commenced until written approval is received by Architectural Review Committee. Alterations/improvements must be completed as represented in this Application, or as modified by any changes required as a condition of approval.


The owner is responsible for obtaining any required building permits.


Description of Project:  _________________________________________________________







Signature:  _______________________ Date:   ______________


Please allow one week for your Architectural Committee to review for approval.


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____________________                                            Approved             Disapproval






Note: In accordance with the Restrictive Covenants, your contractors are not allowed to put advertising signs on your property.