Board of Directors Meeting

July 31, 2012



I. CALL TO ORDER by President Jim Colgan at 6:00 p.m.

Members present: Jim Colgan, Mark Davis, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Bill Rush, Jan Rusher. Absent: Michael Bennett, George Grisaffe


II. MINUTES Moved by Bill Rush, second David Miller to approve the minutes of the June 19, 2012 minutes as distributed. Motion passed.


III. President Jim Colgan called this special meeting to discuss two pending agenda items:




A. After polling the neighborhood, 88.5% (31 of 35 homeowners) support the proposal to enter into an agreement with Lawn America for weed control and lawn fertilization of the front and back yards for a cost not to exceed $105 per year, per home. The cost would be added to the HOA dues for the calendar year 2013. Although a minimum number of participants will be required, those in favor meet that requirement.



Discussion followed regarding the reasons for the residents not in favor of the proposal and if we could structure the program so the objectives of minimizing cost and maintaining a consistently nice appearance of the neighborhood could be accomplished with the thoughts of the four residents in mind. It was mentioned that while the board has the authority to implement the proposal that we want to try and accommodate residents, where possible.

After discussion it was determined that we would offer to give a waiver of participation, to be issued on an annual basis to each of the four residents, who currently maintain their yards in an acceptable way, based upon the following:

(1) This waiver will be personal to the homeowner and will cease should they cease to occupy their current property as their primary residence and

(2) So long as they continue to maintain their yards in a manner consistent with how it is currently maintained, which determination shall be made solely by a majority of the Twin Creeks Villas Home Owner's Board of Directors.

In essence, should the resident not acceptably maintain their yards, as determined by the board of directors, or should they no longer occupy the property then the cost to implement the lawn fertilization and weed control service being used through the homeowners association, at the cost determined by that provider will be assessed for the balance of the then current year and will be paid to the HOA as their dues and will be part of the dues for that property thereafter.


It is noted that these four residents not participating, and not paying the increase mentioned above, will not increase the cost of the other homeowners.






MOTION: David Miller moved, Larry Johnson seconded a motion to pursue the finalization of the agreement with Lawn America according to the proposal not to exceed $105 per home, thus increasing the 2013 dues by that amount.


The motion passed.



Jim Colgan is to draft a letter to be distributed to the four homeowners stating the conditions for the waiver and their agreement to those conditions. The draft letter will be circulated to the board for comment prior to the distribution to the four residents.







B. Street and curb repair and maintenance:


Two proposals were considered and discussed.


MOTION: Bill Rush moved, David Miller seconded a motion to authorize $1,200 expenditure to repair street cracks with B & T Seal Coating and Stripping. Motion passed.


1. Curbs needing repair will be considered when the weather is cooler, a more suitable time for concrete maintenance.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Janice Rusher, Secretary