Board of Directors Meeting

January 27, 2015

CALL TO ORDER:  2014 President, Kevin Johnson, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at the Rusher residence.

Members present:  Kevin Johnson, Jim Colgan, Holly Minter, Larry Johnson, Gil Nickles, Michael Bennett, Bill Rush, David Miller, Jan Rusher.

MINUTES:  Jim Colgan moved, David Miller seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the December 8, 2014 board minutes.   MOTION PASSED

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bill Rush distributed the following documents:  Trial Balance as of January 31, 2015; A/R Aging Summary as of January 26, 2015.  (attached)  The few homeowners with outstanding HOA dues will be contacted.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  2014 Nominating Committee Chairman, Jim Colgan, led the election of 2015 officers from the elected 2015 Board of Directors.  The Board elected the following officers to serve 2015:  President, David Miller; Vice President, Jim Colgan; Secretary, Jan Rusher; Treasurer, Bill Rush.

COMMITTEES – The following committee appointments were approved by the board:

                Architectural – Larry Johnson, Chairman; Gil Nickles, Holly Minter

                Landmark/Lawn America – Kevin Johnson, Chairman

                Fence- Jim Colgan, Chairman; Kevin Johnson, Gil Nickles

                Streets, curbs, gutters- Kevin Johnson, Chairman

                Gate- Michael Bennett, Chairman; Holly Minter

                Website-Michael Bennett, Chairman

                Welcoming Committee-Jan Rusher, Chairman; Linda Pat Colgan, Marilyn Miller.

                Seasonal holiday decorations/Christmas/ProLights – Jim Colgan Chairman; Michael Bennett.

The gavel passed to newly elected board president, David Miller



                Gil Nickles moved, Holly Minter seconded a motion to authorize the fence committee up to $200 per quarter.  Any expenses above $200 will require board approval.   MOTION PASSED.


                President David Miller suggested quarterly board meetings be held unless special circumstances constitute calling extra meetings.  A tentative schedule of board meeting will be announced asap.  The next meeting will be held at the Miller residence.

                The board of directors extends an open invitation to any resident wishing to attend a board meeting.  Please be advised that intention to attend must be stated a week in advance.  If resident wishes to have an agenda item addressed, please advise in writing prior to the meeting to either David Miller, President, or to Jan Rusher, Secretary.  Individuals wishing to address the board will be given the opportunity in accordance with the agenda, however, please extend the courtesy to President Miller time to research any matter of concern. 

                Residents are reminded to contact appropriate committee chairmen with other concerns, ie: fence, gate, etc.  Architectural changes visible to others or those which could affect a neighbor’s property require approval.  Forms are available from Larry Johnson or any board member. 

                All board of directors minutes are posted on the TCV Website following the meetings.

                Lawn America requests contact for individual issues directly to them. 

                Kevin Johnson was thanked for his dedication and service as board president for the past two years as were other committee chairs and officers.  Holly Minter and Gil Nickles were welcomed as new members to the board.

ADJOURN:  The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Janice Rusher, Secretary for the Board