Board of Directors Meeting

December 7, 2015

CALL TO ORDER:  Vice President, Jim Colgan, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at the Rusher home.

                Members present:  Jim Colgan, Bill Rush, Gil Nickles, Larry Johnson, Michael Bennett, Kevin Johnson, Jan Rusher.  Members absent:  David Miller, Holly Minter

MINUTES – Larry Johnson moved, Gil Nickles seconded a motion to approve the September 9, 2015 BoD Minutes.  MOTION PASSED

TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Rush presented the following documents:  Balance Sheet as of December 7, 2015; P & L YTD Comparison, November, 2015; P & L Budget vs. Actual January 1 through December 7, 2015; P & L Budget Overview January through December 2016.  (documents attached to these minutes)

Bill recommended and spoke on behalf of David Miller, President, that the 2016 HOA Dues be raised by $50 per year, noting an increase of expense from Landmark of $25 per residence per month; fence repairs and painting (which avoided a special assessment).  Bill noted this increase as attempt to continue reserve accounts thus avoiding any future special assessment.  Other anticipated expenses for 2016 may include streets, curb and gutter repair and possibly tree trimming along Mingo.

Michael Bennett moved, Gil Nickles seconded a motion to raise the 2016 TCV HOA dues by $50 ($1,000 per year).  MOTION PASSED .


                Architectural – Larry Johnson reported several new roofs being installed in the neighborhood; one landscaping that may not be resolved until spring due to weather; painting of one home has been approved.

                Landmark, Lawn America, Streets & Gutters – Kevin Johnson, chm., acknowledged the price increase by Landmark, noting, Lawn America service/price will remain the same with 7 applications.  Kevin will wait until spring to make an assessment of curb/gutter repair and street repairs needed, if any.  Kevin will also contact Landmark to bury the conduit along the entry gate when spring work begins.

                Fence & Pedestrian Gate – Jim Colgan and Gil Nickles reported on the completion of the job, noting the total expenditure of $9,085.50  which included the handyman work, materials and painting.  Issues with the lock on the pedestrian gate have been resolved, although settling may cause the gate to require further work.   It will be addressed in 2016.

                GATE – Michael Bennett, Holly Minter.  Michael reported the gate operating properly but did express concern for future repair anticipated due to age.  For now, everything is in good operating order.  The conduit will be buried in the spring.  Call box issues were resolved.

                WEBSITE –Michael Bennett reported everything has been updated to include new residents into the directory and neighborhood map.  He noted to let him know if anything needs to be added or changed. 

                WELCOMING COMMITTEE – Jan Rusher, Linda Pat Colgan, Marilyn Miller:  Jan reported that a ladies coffee will be held on December 9 at the home of Marilyn Miller to welcome new residents, Cindy McCann and Billie Williams.  Both families have received their welcome packet prepared by Michael Bennett, and Michael also has graciously donated a gift for the three newest neighbors. 

                NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Jim Colgan, chairman, reported for the committee:  Jim, David Miller and Jan Rusher.  Michael Bennett expressed his desire to take a leave from the board.  Ron Wadley will be added to the slate of board members to be elected at the annual meeting.  Jim (and others) praised Michael Bennett for his outstanding service, talent and dedication to serving the residents of Twin Creeks Villas. 

SLATE OF BOARD MEMBERS (to be presented and voted upon at the TCV Annual Meeting of Homeowners are:  Jim Colgan, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Holly Minter, Gil Nickles, Bill Rush, Jan Rusher and Ron Wadley.  Officers of the board will be elected by the new board at the first meeting following the TCV HOA Annual Meeting.  Jim suggested perhaps two residents may wish to shadow board meetings with the intention of joining board positions next year.  Board agreed.

OLD BUSINESS – Note to follow up on a suggestion to research the possibility of making Twin Creeks Villas a 55 and older community. 




*Maple or Pecan Room

Homeowners will be notified by email

ANNOUNCEMENTS/OTHER – following preparation of 2016 HOA dues statements, an email of explanation will be sent to homeowners and statements will be prepared for mailing.  Dues are payable by January 31, 2016.

ADJOURN – There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Rusher, Secretary for the TCV HOA BoD