Board of Directors Meeting

September 9, 2015

CALL TO ORDER:  President, David Miller, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at the Rusher home.

                Members present:  David Miller, Jim Colgan, Bill Rush, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson Gil Nickles, Holly Minter, Michael Bennett, Jan Rusher.

MINUTES:  Larry Johnson moved, Jim Colgan seconded motion to approve the July 13, 2015 BoD Minutes.  MOTION PASSED.

                The Board confirmed approval of the e-mail vote for tree trimming for the amount of $975.  Eight members voted yes.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bill Rush, Treasurer, distributed the P & L Budget vs Actual-January through August 2015 and the Balance Sheet as of August 31, 2015.  Both documents attached to these minutes.


Architectural Committee:  Larry Johnson, Gil Nickles, Holly Minter – Gil reported inquiry from Carmen Plunk to paint exterior of home and re-do front landscaping.  He has spoken with her decorator who will submit plans for the projects, thus pending approval upon receipt of those proposals.

                Tree trimming:  Larry Johnson reported completion above mentioned tree trimming and examination by arborist/tree trimmer regarding the other trees along Mingo.   President Miller suggested budget for further tree trimming or removal remain pending while Larry Johnson and Holly Minter investigate ownership and responsibility of TCV of the trees in the easement along Mingo.  Holly will check with the City of Bixby for widening plans and ownership clarification.  Larry Johnson will confirm the cost to trim or remove trees.  His investigation will include input by arborist on advisability of saving trees.

                Streets:  Kevin Johnson reported continued contact with Brashears Seal Coating who will do the job when weather is cooler.  Price for street repair is $995 in the 2015 budget.

                Lawn America Weed/Fertilizer Application &Snow Removal:   Kevin Johnson reported that because of unusual rain this year, Lawn America has limited to six rather than seven applications.  The same occurred last year.  Kevin asked if we could substitute fungus application for the entire neighborhood in lieu of the two applications.  Lawn America agreed with proposal.  Kevin also presented the snow removal contract with Lawn America, believed to be the same as approved before.  Jim Colgan will compare the contracts with previous agreement to remove snow of 4”or deeper that is not melting and causes difficulty for residents.  


                Curbs:  Kevin Johnson reported inquiry from George Grisaffe regarding curb/ curve repair needed at their residence.  Kevin will investigate other curb damages in the area.  Larry Johnson moved, Jim Colgan seconded a motion to follow the guidelines set forth in the Covenants :  to repair curb damage on the straight curbs, and curved curbs adjoining driveways remain homeowner responsibility unless damage was caused by street repair such as snow removal.  MOTION PASSED    Jim Colgan and David Miller will discuss the situation with George.

                Seasonal Planting:  Kevin Johnson reported Landmark will remove current plants and replace with fall flowers by mid-October.  He will ask Landmark to check water settings as the spring flowers did not flourish. 

                Holiday Lighting:  Jim Colgan discussed entry holiday lighting.  Larry Johnson moved, Gil Nickles seconded a motion to approve upgrade to LED lighting for the shrubs and entry fence:  Total cost $740.  MOTION PASSSED

                Gate:  Michael Bennett & Holly Minter reported BTC will be checking the call box connections on 9/10/15, with suspected interference due to recent rain.  Mike took initiative to tighten and repair the electronic eye that was dangling. 

                Fence & Pedestrian Gate:  Gil Nickles, Jim Colgan and Kevin Johnson completed a thorough examination of the exterior and interior perimeter fencing including the pedestrian gate.  Their findings and recommendations are to hire handyman and painter to make extensive repairs to the fence with  intention of extending the life of existing fence seven to eight years, provided maintenance continues as needed.  Repairs include replacing pickets, top crown and adding a base to the bottom of the fence where weed whips have caused damage.   Cost for the handyman work is $3,400; painter $5,600 (who will paint with brush) for total of $9,000 in upgrading fence to extend the life.  Larry Johnson moved, Michael Bennett seconded a motion to accept the proposals.  MOTION PASSED. (note:  reserve funds for fence, street and gate repair exist set aside from the annual budget.  This major repair exceeds budget 2015 and excess will come from reserve funds)

                Pedestrian Gate:  Gil, Jim and Kevin report that the pedestrian gate will be included in the fence repair expense, however, residents have expressed security concerns over lock on the gate.  Various options to secure the gate were discussed.  Bill Rush and others will research options and present at the next quarterly meeting.  Pros, cons and cost of each will be thoroughly examined.    Findings will be reported at the next quarterly board meeting with the possibility, depending on expense, of presentation at the annual meeting in January. 

                Welcome Committee:  Jan Rusher reported good turnout at welcome coffee for Carmen Plunk. 


                (See above committee report for LED lighting for entry holiday decorations.) 


                Michael Bennett reported renewal costs for the TCV website.  Larry Johnson moved, Holly Minter seconded a motion to renew the service for two years in the amount of $159.37.  (saving 10%)  MOTION PASSED.

                President David Miller announced the process will begin to establish a budget for 2016 and will include the input of Treasurer, Bill Rush, Vice President, Jim Colgan, and President Miller. 

                President Miller appointed  Nominating Committee chairman, Jim Colgan, for 2016 HOA board of directors election to be held at the annual meeting.  Jim Colgan will appoint committee to assist in nominations, asking if anyone is interested in serving on the board please contact him.  Current board members will be contacted asking if they wish to continue service.   New involvement is encouraged and residents interested in serving are welcomed.  Please contact Jim.

                President Miller will contact the Hardesty Library for annual HOA meeting date in January and advise when date is confirmed.


                President Miller will announce the fourth quarter board meeting before the end of this calendar year unless a special meeting should be needed. 

                Discussion was held regarding high water bills.  The board recommends individual homeowners approach the City of Bixby with their previous water bills and work on a solution for their individual situation.  Not all residents received the large, unexpected bills.

ADJOURN – The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Janice Rusher, Secretary for the TCV HOA and BoD