September 15, 2014


CALL TO ORDER – President Kevin Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. at the Rusher home.

                Members Present:  Kevin Johnson, Bill Rush, Jim Colgan, Michael Bennett, Larry Johnson, Ed Heffern, David Miller, Jan Rusher.  Absent:  Mark Davis.  Homeowners present:  Holly Minter, Gill Nickles.

MINUTES -  Minutes from the April 8, 2014 Board meeting were approved unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Rush, Treasurer, distributed P & L January – August, 2014;  P & L YTD Comparison, August, 2014; Balance Sheet as of August 31, 2014.  MOTION:  David Miller moved, Jim Colgan seconded motion to reimburse Larry Johnson $23.00 recording fee for restrictive covenants change document filed with Tulsa County Clerk.  MOTION PASSED

Discussion was held regarding pros and cons of filing a lien on the Manley property – delayed until New Business.


                Architectural Committee – David Miller

                Question regarding satellite TV dish installation.   Installation shall be in accordance with the restrictive covenants.  Johnson tree removal request was approved.

                Email reminder to homeowners regarding picking up dog droppings will be sent.

                David will do further research recommendations for mailbox repair, paint, maintenance.

                Common Property

1.        Curbs, sidewalks, streets – Ed Heffern reported previously repaired street cracks look good with some small visible cracks.  Bill Rush moved, Jim Colgan seconded a motion to contact Brashear Pavement & Coatings to fill in small cracks before winter authorizing a $600 expenditure.  MOTION PASSED

2.       Fence maintenance:  (Mark Davis) Discussion held regarding deterioration of perimeter fence, and referred to Mark Davis to do assessment of the fence making recommendations for repair vs. replacement.   Also “wing” areas at entrance, need paint to repair lawn equipment damage from the season.

3.       Gate maintenance/repair:  Michael Bennett reported that he and Mark Davis were able to repair the entry request problems, with request to report any new problems.  Mike will research best method to clean/refurbish the call box.

4.       TCV Website:  Michael Bennett – all is up and working.  Mike requested that homeowners refrain from using cloth to block gate sensor and use the website or email him to set time for gates to open for event.  Email will be sent to homeowners.

5.       Landmark:  Kevin Johnson – mowing, seasonal color, irrigation:  Kevin will speak again with Landmark regarding setting of the timers and distribution of water for seasonal plants.  David Miller moved, Jim Colgan seconded a motion to authorize $200 expenditure per incident to Landmark to make minor repairs to the system.  MOTION PASSED.

6.       Lawn America:  Kevin Johnson – has spoken with the company regarding treatments that remain with 5th and 6th applications due before the end of the year.  Lawn America will do an assessment for army worms tomorrow (9/16/14) and make recommendation if treatment is needed.



                Nominating Committee for 2014 Board of Directors appointed by President Johnson:  David Miller, chairman, Jim Colgan, Jan Rusher.

                Further discussion was held regarding lien on Manley property for 2014 HOA dues.  Due to uncertain circumstances surrounding the property, no action to be taken at this time.  Larry Johnson will check with the City of Bixby.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Kevin Johnson has requested January 12, 2015 for TCV HOA Annual Meeting pending approval from Hardesty Library.

ADJOURN – Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.