From: Ron & Betty Wadlley []
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:55 AM
To: Wadley; Rush, Bill & Gloria; Dave & Marilyn Miller; Kevin Johnson; Johnson, Larry & Sarah; George & Mary Grisaffe; Colgan, Jim & Linda Pat; Bennett, Mike & Laurie
Subject: Twin Creeks Board Minutes



JANUARY 25, 2011



The meeting was called to order by President Jim Colgan with all of the newly elected board members present: Jim Colgan, Michael Bennett, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, George Grisaffe, David Miller, Bill Rusk and Ron Wadley.


The first order or business was the election of officers:

       President-Jim Colgan

       Vice President-Michael Bennett

       Secretary-Ron Wadley

       Treasurer-Bill Rush


President Jim Colgan welcomed the two new members to the board, Kevin Johnson and Dave Miller.


The members authorized to sign on the checking account was approved with Bill Rush, Jim Colgan  and Ron Wadley able to sign. Bill Rush will get the necessary papers from the bank for signatures.


Newly elected Treasurer Bill Rush handed out the annual dues statements for delivery by the board members.  The dues for 2011 remained the same as 2010.  The dues are payable upon receipt.


Bill Rush asked Dave Miller to see if he had the original D&O insurance policy as he has been unable to find it in any of the files obtained from Bill Gagle. Dave Miller also said he would check his files for the tax ID number and would check with the accountant Scott Campbell as to why he has not filed any tax returns for 2009 and following.  Dave stated that he thought that we were a nonprofit corporation and did not have to pay any taxes.  He will check this out and report back to the board.

The board approved a petty cash fund of $100.00 for payment of small bills.

The board approved a payment of $25.00 to Tim and Gloria Hendricks for the use of their electrical outlet for the gate lights at Christmas.


President Jim Colgan appointed the following committees:

          Architectural-George Grisaffe, Chairman

                                 Larry Johnson

                                 Dave Miller

          Gate operation and maintenance-Michael Bennett

          Landscape and entry planting-Jim Colgan with help on the color from Karen Gagle


Jim Colgan will contact Landmark to verify that they are keeping their cost the same as last year and that they will maintain the sprinkler heads in the common areas.


Michael Bennett suggested that we trim the holly bush at the entrance as it has grown too large and blocks the view of the detail in the entry area.  He also stated that the lights on the south side of the entry had a short in the wiring and he will take care of it when the weather warms up. He will also check with an electrician to see what it would cost to extend the lighting around the corner for two or three lights on each side. 


It was suggested by George Grisaffe that we power wash and stain the fence along Mingo and the fence on the north side of 119th Place South in the spring.   This will be discussed further at the March meeting.


President Jim Colgan presented a schedule for future meetings in March, June, September and December.


The meeting was adjourned so that Larry Johnson could return home as soon as possible to listen to the Presidents speech.