Board of  Directors Meeting

February 1, 2012



President, Jim Colgan, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  Members present:  Michael Bennett, Jim Colgan, Mark Davis, George Grisaffe, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Bill Rush, Jan Rusher.  Absent:  Kevin Johnson


I.                    MINUTES of the November 17, 20112 board of directors meeting were approved as distributed.


II.                TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bill Rush, treasurer, reported only one resident with outstanding HOA dues.  He will send statement in accordance with the covenants.   Bill reported $16,000 reserve in the HOA account.  Following discussion, MOTION by Bill Rush, second by David Miller,  to designate $9,000 in reserve for fence repair and $5,000 for streets with the remaining $2,000 held in the general operating funds.  APPROVED by the board.


III.             ELECTION OF OFFICERS 2012


The following were nominated and unanimously approved by the board:

President – Jim Colgan

Vice President – David Miller

Secretary – Jan Rusher

Treasurer – Bill Rush


IV.             NEW BUSINESS


A.   Jim Colgan asked for approval to authorize change of checking account signatures. Board approved

B.  David Miller offered to update directors, etc. with our insurance agent.

Jim Colgan reported compliance with request from insurance company to update information for the D & O insurance.



C.  Committees    


The following committee assignments were appointed:


                                                            1.       Architectural Committee – Larry Johnson, Chairman

a.        Approval of changes by homeowners – Kevin Johnson

b.      Curbs, sidewalk and street – George Grisaffe

c.       Fence maintenance and repair – Mark Davis

                                                            2.      Gate – operation and maintenance – Michael Bennett, Mark Davis

                                                            3.      Landmark – Jim Colgan, David Miller

a.       mowing

b.      sprinkler – maintenance/operation – research computer control.

c.       seasonal color – Karen Gagle

d.      Snow removal

e.       Note:   other landscape maintenance companies inquires should be referred to Jim and they will be asked to submit bids and proposal by June for consideration for 2013.



D.    Upcoming Board Meetings and Proposed Agendas


1.      March

a.  discuss Landmark status, mowing, seasonal color.

b.  begin review of curbs/streets/entry landscape and gates.


2.  June

     a.   recommendations from committees. 

     b.  determine date and location for annual meeting.


3.  September

     a.   naming of landscape company and cost for 2013.

     b.  2013 budget. 

     c.  directors for 2013.


4.  November 

     a.  2013 budget.

     b.  directors for 2013.



V.                OLD BUSINESS


VI.             ADJOURN – The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,




Janice Rusher, Secretary