From: Ron & Betty Wadlley []
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 5:04 PM
To: Bennett, Mike & Laurie; Colgan, Jim & Linda Pat; George & Mary Grisaffe; Johnson, Larry & Sarah; Kevin Johnson; Dave & Marilyn Miller; Rush, Bill & Gloria; Wadley


Directors Meeting 

March 15, 2011


Directors present: Michael Bennett, Jim Colgan, George Grisaffe, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Bill Rush and Ron Wadley


The minutes of the January 25, 2011 were approved.


Treasurer Bill Rush reported that all 2011 dues have been paid with the exception of one owner.  He has sent them another statement with the interest of $10.21 added for one month.


The tax returns for 2009 and 2010 have been prepared and sent in to the IRS and Oklahoma Tax Commission.  The fee of $350.00 from Scott Campbell for this work was approved.


Mr. Colgan asked for ratification of bills paid since the last Board Meeting:

     1.  Keypad light replacement-$61.47

2.     Snow removal-$600.00

3.      UPS box on Memorial-$75.00.


The new mailing address is:

Twin Creeks Villas

11063D. South Memorial, Box 329

Tulsa, Oklahoma  74133


The Board approved payment to Mr. Tim Smith for grading and replacement of sod on the North side of gate in the approximate amount of $300.00.  This may be a little more because of the cost of the sod. 


Mr. Michael Bennett discussed the gate codes that are being used for other purposes than what they are designated for. The Board decided that this was not a huge problem and not to take any action at this time.


Mr. Colgan has reviewed the D&O policy and believes it is sufficient for the time being.  He will review it with Mr. Larry Johnson when the entire document is received.


The Board approved the Landmark Landscaping contract and authorized Mr. Colgan to sign the contract.


Other business discussed was the repair of the driveways that were damaged by the snow removal and the cracks in the asphalt particularly on each side of the entry gate.  Mr. Wadley will show the cracks to Mr. Tim Smith and get a bid from him for sealing with hot tar.


A discussion ensued concerning the fence on the South side of  119th Place South. It was decided that this is a private fence and was the responsibility of the homeowners, not the Association.


The Board has volunteered to power wash and stain the fence along Mingo.  Mr. Grisaffe and Mr. Larry Johnson will coordinate this effort as members of the Architectural committee.


Ron Wadley, Secretary