Board of Directors Meeting

June 19, 2012


I.  CALL TO ORDER      at 6 p.m. by president, Jim Colgan.  Members present:  Michael Bennett, Jim Colgan, Mark Davis, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Bill Rush, Jan Rusher.  Absent:  George Grisaffe.


II.                MINUTES of the April 19, 2012 meeting were APPROVED BY THE BOARD as distributed.

III.             TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Rush, treasurer, distributed the Balance Sheet as of May 31, 2012, Profit & Loss January through May 2012 and Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January through May, 2012.  Motion by Larry Johnson, second David Miller, APPROVED BY THE BOARD as distributed.


A.    Architectural Committee

1.      Fence Repairs – Mark Davis.  Motion by Bill Rush, second by David Miller APPROVED BY THE BOARD to accept the repair bid from Bixby Fence in the amount of $1,200 for repair of the south, west and north sides of the addition.  Note:  Bixby Fence indicated this repair should be good for 5 years.  Homeowners will be advised to contact Bixby Fence if they need gate repair.

2.      Street Repairs – George Grisaffe.  Jim reported for George that he has asked for estimates on filling the street cracks and that estimate is expected early next week.  Included will be the curb repair in front of the Saucerman residence.

3.      Pedestrian Gate at Entry – Larry Johnson presented an estimate from Tim Wilson for a 5 to 6’  cedar gate with steel tubing and electronic coded deadbolts on each side.  Bid was $2,850.  The board discussed options and asked Mark Davis to ask Bixby Fence for a recommendation and estimate on repair or replacement cost.

V.                OLD BUSINESS

A.    Ratify planting of entry plants (1 holly bush, 6 bayberry) as approved by the board via email on May 4, 2012 for $222.20.  Motion by David Miller, second by Mark Davis, APPROVED BY THE BOARD.

B.     Ratify a two-year renewal of the Twin Creeks Villas Domain renewal ($21.34) and one-year renewal of Web Hosting ($59.88) for a total of $81.22.  Motion by Bill Rush, second by Larry Johnson APPROVED BY THE BOARD.

C.     Caveat to Restrictive Covenants as related to shingles:  Motion by Bill Rush, second by Larry Johnson APPROVED BY THE BOARD to file the Caveat to the Restrictive Covenants of Twin Creeks Villas  at the Tulsa County Courthouse.

D.    Entry sprinkler timer, lights and wireless operation – Jim Colgan reported that Landmark estimated a cost of $200 to move the sprinkler timer from the Hendricks back yard to the northeast corner behind the front fence.   Installation of wireless operation considered too costly at this time, but to be considered when replacement is necessary.  Motion by Bill Rush, second by David Miller, APPROVED BY THE BOARD to have Landmark move the controls. 

VI.             NEW BUSINESS

A.    Lawn fertilization and weed control – Jim Colgan. 

1.      Lawn America has quoted a 7-step program for all 35 homes at $105  per year per residence:  $10 per front yard, $5 per back yard per application. 

2.      Cost would have to be paid by the homeowner through the HOA dues.

3.      Because TCV Restrictive Covenants call for weed control in the front yards, the board considers this worthy of consideration.  It was agreed to discuss with neighbors and table a decision until September board meeting.

B.  Mowing for 2013:  Bid from Landmark expected by August 15 and to                                       

                               Considered along with any other bids received before at the

                              September 11 board meeting.

C.  Annual Meeting of Homeowners will be scheduled for January 15     

at the Hardesty Library.



VII.          ADJOURN – Michael Bennett moved, David Miller seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.  BOARD APPROVED.


Respectfully submitted,




Janice Rusher, Secretary