From: Ron & Betty Wadlley []
Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2011 9:32 PM
To: Bennett, Mike & Laurie; Colgan, Jim & Linda Pat; George & Mary Grisaffe; Johnson, Larry & Sarah; Kevin Johnson; Dave & Marilyn Miller; Rush, Bill & Gloria; Wadley
Subject: Twin Creeks Villas Board Minites 2011

Twin Creeks Villas

Directors Meeting

June 20, 2011




Directors Present:  Michael Bennett, Jim Colgan, George Grisaffe, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller and Ron Wadley.


The minutes of the March 15th meeting were approved with the addition of a correction that George Grissaffe was not responsible for the cleaning and staining of the fence.


The financial report by Bill Rush was approved.  See your attached report that was handed out at the meeting.


Mr. Colgan brought up the insurance policy that has been in affect with State Farm and Kelly Bell as agent.  He noted that the fence and gate entrance has $44,800.00 coverage; signs coverage of $2500.00 and equipment breakdown of $1000.00.  Liability coverage is $1,000,000.00 for Directors and Officers.  The policy is filed with the permanent records in the secretary’s possession.  It was noted that a non-profit board cannot be sued according to State law.


Mr. Grisaffe noted that the front gate has been painted and that he thinks that the fire gates can wait another year before painting.

He received a bid to repair the curb damage that occurred during the snow removal for $542.00 from Matt Holman.  The motion to approve this was approved by the board.


Mr. Colgan met with Landmark and they will submit a plan for redoing the entry area where the plants have died.


Mr. Bennett will get a bid on adding some electrical outlets for the entry area especially where the new beds will be.   This will also help with the Christmas lighting. 




The board also approved a bill from Landmark for $84.00 and $55.00 for the repair of the sprinkler system.


The board will meet this coming Saturday to power wash the fence on Mingo and prepare for staining.  Mr. Bennett will rent a power washer.


Ron Wadley,  Secretary