Directors Meeting

July 20th 2011


Directors present: Kevin Johnson, George Grisaffe, Bill Rush, Jim Colgan, Larry Johnson and Ron Wadley


The Board reviewed the paint samples and picked out a light gray on the bottom with a darker color gray on the top boards on the Mingo fence.


Mr. Colgan has received two bids: 1. Wayne Werner for $3,100.00 2. Pedro for $1,000.00 plus the cost of the paint which Mr. Colgan estimated at $350.00 to $400.00. It will cost an additional $600.00 to paint the two interior fences on the South side and the North side. The Board voted to have the property owners pay for the labor and the HOA would absorb the cost of the paint.


Mr. Colgan will contact Pedro about repairing the bad boards on the South fence and let him know he has been selected to paint the fence with two coats of the paint the Board selected.


A motion was made by Mr. Grisaffe to have the cracks by the entry gate filled. This is preventive maintenance and will cost approximately $300.00

The motion passed.


Ron Wadley, Secretary