Directors Meeting

Sept. 6, 2011


President Jim Colgan called the meeting to order with the following Directors present:  Michael Bennett, George Grisaffe, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, Dave Miller, Bill Rush and Ron Wadley,


The minutes from the July 20, 2011 meeting were approved.


The Treasurer presented the current financial statement showing that we were over budget by approximately $4,000.00.  The bulk of the overage was for the painting of the fence and the snow removal this last winter.  All the other items were within the projected budget.


Mr. Miller stated that he had snow in his attic this last winter and wanted to know if there were any restrictions for removing the ridge vents on his roof.  The board approved any method necessary to prevent further damage in his attic including placing vents on the back side  of his roof, if necessary.


Mr. Colgan will investigate placing a user-friendly lock on the front gate to discourage teenagers from coming into our area.


Mr. Miller and Mr. Grisaffe will investigate other yard  mowing  companies  for the coming year.  There was some concern about the quality of service we are receiving from Landmark.


Mr. Bennett is getting bids for the installation of three circuits  for lighting in the common  area at the entry. 


Mr. Colgan has met with Karen Gagle and Landmark about doing some additional landscaping in the front area along Mingo.    This would be a phased project over three years costing around $7,000.00 when finished.


Mr. Colgan reported that the City of Bixby requires a bond from anyone doing snow removal for damage to the streets or curbs.  We should also require the bond in the future as we had some areas that were damaged by the contractors doing our work this last winter. 


Mr. Kevin Johnson reported that he had contacted Kannady Garbage Service about picking up our garbage and they would be interested if we could get everyone in the area to sign up with them.  The cost would be $14.00 a month for twice weekly  pick -up.  It may be necessary to bill everyone in the annual dues if we can get everyone to agree to change contractors.  They currently want to be paid on an annual basis, but Mr. Johnson will discuss a monthly billing.  This will be discussed at the annual meeting

Mr. Colgan asked everyone to think about items that need to be included in the budget for 2012 so that the Treasurer could begin putting the figures together for next year.  Mr. Rush would like to have these ready so that he can send out statements to the owners on the first of January.


Mr. Colgan reported that the repair to the cracks by the entry will cost approximately $300.00 and will be done when the temp gets cooler.


The board decided to wait until next year to paint the crash gate on the west side of the area.


Mr. Colgan reported that the annual meeting will be at the Hardesty Library at 6:30 PM on January 17, 2021.  We must vacate the building by 9:00 PM.


Mr. Colgan asked all the members of the Board to be aware of anyone that may want to serve on the board next year and let him know, so that they can be voted on at the annual meeting.


Ron Wadley, Secretary