Board of Directors Meeting

April 19, 2012


President, Jim Colgan, called the meeting to order.  Members present:  Jim Colgan, Mark Davis, George Grisaffe, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, Bill Rush, and Jan Rusher.   Absent:  Michael Bennett, David Miller.


I.          MINUTES of the February 1, 2012 board of directors meeting were approved as distributed.

II.        TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bill Rush, treasurer, distributed the Balance Sheet as of March 31, 2012 and Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January through March 2012.

APPROVED by the board as distributed.

III.       ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE REPORT by Larry Johnson, chairman.

A.        Request to paint outdoor house surfaces by Bill and Sue Pahmeier, 11922 S. 96th E. Ave. – APPROVED.  (attached to minutes)

B.        Discussion on shingles:  For clarification to the covenants, Jim Colgan and Larry Johnson to develop caveat for board approval with description of shingles.


A.        We are close to budget and enough in excess to replace two bushes at entry that were lost to winter kill.  APROVED by the board to proceed.

B.      Consideration of sprinkler controller, relocation and purchase new controller.  Jim reported that the controller is currently located in the back yard of Tim Hendricks.  With approval of the board Jim will explore the cost to move the controller and purchase a new remote control device.  Jim will report to the board via email with costs and for approval if reasonable.


A.       Mark Davis will contact fencing company to get options on replacing and maintaining the perimeter fence.

B.      Larry will research options to replace the pedestrian gate with a double sided lock.

VI.       STREETS, CURBS & SIDEWALKS by George Grisaffe

A.       George will get estimates on the repair of curb in front of Sue Saucerman residence, caused by show removal blade damage.

B.      George will also check cracks in the street and get estimates for repair and upkeep.

                   VII:  OTHER BUSINESS

                                Jim Colgan will send email to all residents with the following friendly reminders:

1.        Trash needs to be bagged even when placed in containers.

2.       Dogs are to be on a lease when off of the owner’s lot and pet owners need to “pick up” after their pets.

3.       Remind homeowners to park their vehicles in the driveway in a way that minimizes blocking of sidewalks.

4.       Remind  homeowners that vehicles are not to be parked in the streets for more than 24 hours


VII.     ADJOURN – meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Janice Rusher, Secretary