Guidelines for Submitting

Architectural Committee Approval Form


Before any project is undertaken, you are advised to review the Restrictive Covenants to ensure your project is in compliance.  The following list is a guideline, which is not all inclusive, to help you determine what projects require Architectural Committee approval before any project work is begun.  This only a guideline—you are encouraged, when in doubt, to submit the approval request form.

Approval required:

·         Any projects that is in direct violation of the Twin Creek Villas Restrictive Covenants

·         Construction projects in the front of house or those  in the backyard that would be seen from the front of the property

·         Any room additions, swimming pools and patios

·         Landscaping or building projects that would modify existing drainage

·         Repainting the exterior house with paint of a different color

·         Different style of lighting fixtures on the front of the house

·         Pergolas that can be seen from the front  or side of the house

·         Major landscaping projects that can be seen from the front of the house

·         Replacement of gates that is of a different design than the original, or changing from wood to wrought iron.

·         Mail box that is different from the original

Approval not required:

·         Repainting using same color

·         Replacing or removing a tree

·         Replacing or removing plants or flowers

·         Roof replacement when using the approved shingles, i.e. Tamko Heritage Oxford Gray.

·         Replacing exterior lighting with the same design and color as the existing fixtures

·         Reseeding lawns with a different grass