Board of Directors Special Meeting

May 4, 2015



A special meeting of the TCV BoD was called by President, David Miller to discuss outstanding

homeowner’s dues on the property at 9644 E. 119th Place South.

Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. at the Miller home. Members present were:

Jim Colgan, Michael Bennett, Kevin Johnson, Larry Johnson, David Miller, Gil Nickles, Jan Rusher.

Absent: Holly Minter and Bill Rush.

Following lengthy discussion, Jim Colgan moved, Michael Bennett seconded a motion for Larry

Johnson to draft a letter on behalf of the Twin Creeks Villas Homeowners Association to be sent via

certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner of the property at 9644 E. 119th Pl. S. The letter

will include a copy of the current statement of HOA dues owed on the property since 2014 to the

current date, a copy of the portion of the TCV Restrictive Covenants that refer to said dues. Further the

letter will state that HOA dues ARE a lien on a property, and the TCV HOA expects payment by June 1,

2015. Larry Johnson will draft the letter, David Miller, Board President will review and agree on the

content of said letter before mailing. MOTION PASSED

President Miller will send an email to the neighborhood to advise that action is being taken by

the TCV BoD regarding the collection of dues owed on the above mentioned property.

OTHER BUSINESS: As per her request, a copy of a memo from Holly Minter, expressing

concerns on the above matter is attached to these minutes. The memo was read and acknowledged by

all members present at this meeting.

ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: Larry Johnson and Gil Nickles reported their findings on repair of

mailboxes. President Miller will advise homeowners of the Architectural Committee findings, ie:

appropriate vendors and finish for repair or refinishing of existing mailboxes in the neighborhood.

ANNOUNCEMENT: President Miller will call another special meeting by the end of May, 2015, to

discuss and review outcome of the above mentioned action and future steps to be taken.


Respectfully submitted

Janice Rusher

Secretary for the Board